For Immediate Release: 6th Privacy Symposium Africa Unveiled

Tuesday, 30th April 2024, Kampala –Today marks a significant milestone as we proudly unveil the 6th Privacy Symposium Africa (PSA), set to take place in Harare, Zimbabwe, from April 19th to April 21st, 2024. Organized in partnership with MISA Zimbabwe as our esteemed hosting partner, and in association with the Hewlett Foundation and the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

Under the overarching theme of “Bridging Policy, Technology, and Societal Dynamics,” the 6th Privacy Symposium Africa aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders from across the continent and beyond. With the ever-evolving landscape of digital privacy and the increasing interplay between policy, technology, and societal norms, the symposium will provide a vital platform for knowledge exchange, best practices sharing, and collective action.

The 6th Privacy Symposium Africa will adopt a hybrid format. Participants will have the option to attend either physically or virtually, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all interested stakeholders.

Registration for the symposium will open soon, providing individuals with the opportunity to secure their spot and participate in this transformative conference. Whether joining in person or virtually, attendees can expect thought-provoking sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with leading experts and practitioners in the field of privacy.

The 6th Privacy Symposium Africa welcomes individuals and organizations interested in hosting panels to contribute their expertise and insights to the symposium agenda. Those interested in hosting a panel are encouraged to stay tuned for further announcements and submission guidelines on the Privacy Symposium Africa website.

For more details and updates on the 6th Privacy Symposium Africa, including registration information and panel submission guidelines, please visit the Privacy Symposium Africa website.

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About Privacy Symposium Africa: Privacy Symposium Africa (PSA) is a premier platform established by Unwanted Witness in 2019 dedicated to advancing privacy awareness, promoting best practices, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders across the African continent. Through annual convenings, PSA seeks to address emerging challenges in privacy and data protection while championing the rights of individuals in the digital age.