PSA 2024


Since 2023, PSA has embraced a sectoral lens approach, delving into the unique challenges and opportunities each sector encounters concerning privacy protection. This year, the 6th edition will prominently feature Election Data Governance, addressing intricacies surrounding data collection, processing, storage, and usage within electoral processes. The focus will encompass stakeholders such as election commissions, political parties, candidates, and voters, aiming to foster transparency, integrity, and privacy in electoral proceedings.











The 6th Privacy Symposium Africa will host master classes tailored to provide in-depth training and education on various privacy-related topics. Sessions include:

  1. Master Class on Election Data Governance
  2. Master Class on Data Protection and Privacy for Lawyers
  3. Master Class on Privacy and Data Protection for the Financial Sector
Women in Privacy One on One

This session offers an intimate conversation with a distinguished woman who has made significant contributions to privacy advocacy. Attendees will gain insights into the journey, experiences, and achievements of leading figures in privacy advocacy.

Privacy Scorecard Report

The Privacy Scorecard Report evaluates privacy practices of organizations and companies, focusing on Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Tanzania. This report aims to provide objective measurements for analyzing policies and practices, offering insights valuable to policymakers, businesses, and individuals.

Panel Discussions

The 6th PSA is set to host insightful panel discussions, offering a forum to explore the evolving landscape of privacy and data protection across various sectors, notably Law, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Journalism, AI, Election Data Governance, and Surveillance. Renowned experts will guide conversations, encouraging participants to explore the future of privacy in Africa firsthand.

Conversation with Data Protection Regulators

The session “Conversation with Data Protection Regulators” will facilitate dialogue among key stakeholders and data protection regulators across the continent. Panelists will discuss regulatory frameworks, enforcement challenges, and emerging trends in data protection, encouraging audience participation through interactive discourse.

Meikles Hotel

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Venue: The Meikles Hotel

The Privacy Symposium Africa 2024 EditionĀ  will be held at The Meikles Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Meikles Hotel is an iconic five star offering a memorable African adventure filled with access to great architecture, charm and access to major tourist attractions.