The 6th Privacy Symposium Africa is set to host a Master Class focusing on Election Data Governance, a crucial component in ensuring the integrity, transparency, and security of electoral processes across the continent. As part of the symposium’s sectoral approach, this Master Class aims to delve into the complexities of managing data within electoral contexts, addressing the challenges, best practices, and emerging trends in safeguarding voter privacy and election integrity.

By fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, it aims to contribute to the advancement of transparent, accountable, and secure electoral processes across the continent, ultimately strengthening democracy and civic participation in Africa.


Explore the role of data in modern electoral processes and its implications for privacy and security

Examine the challenges and risks associated with the collection, storage, and usage of election data.

Identify best practices and strategies for ensuring transparent and accountable election data governance.

Discuss the ethical considerations and legal frameworks guiding the handling of election-related data.

Foster collaboration among stakeholders to enhance election data governance practices across Africa.


Understanding Election Data Governance: Definitions, Scope, and Importance.

Data Collection and Voter Privacy: Balancing Transparency with Confidentiality.

Securing Election Data: Threats, Risks, and Mitigation Strategies.

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Election Data Management.

Innovations in Election Data Governance: Technologies and Tools.

Building Trust through Transparent Election Data Practices.


The Master Class will feature a combination of keynote presentations, case studies, and interactive workshops. Leading experts, policymakers, electoral officials, technologists, and civil society representatives will share their insights and experiences, fostering a multi-stakeholder dialogue on election data governance. Attendance of this master class will be physical only


1.  Dr. Jane Doe – Election Data Expert, Africa Election Commission.
2.  Prof. John Smith – Privacy and Data Governance Scholar, University of XYZ.
3.  Ms. Alice Wang – Chief Technology Officer, Election Tech Solutions.
4.  Mr. Kwame Mensah – Legal Advisor, Electoral Integrity Coalition.
5.  Dr. Fatima Hassan – Director, Center for Election Integrity and Democracy.


The Master Class is designed for election officials, policymakers, legal experts, data practitioners, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders involved in electoral processes and data governance across Africa.
It offers a unique platform for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and networking among professionals in the field.


Registration is free and will be by conducted online.
A registration link for this master class will be shared in the near future.