Call for Papers

Bridging Policy, Technology, and Societal DynamicS

The Privacy Symposium Africa 2024 is excited to announce its call for papers, inviting researchers to submit their original research papers under the theme “Bridging Policy, Technology, and Societal Dynamics.” This symposium will take place from 20th to 22nd November, 2024 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The symposium aims to converge academics, policymakers, industry experts, and practitioners to deliberate on the intersection of policy, technology, and societal dynamics concerning data privacy and protection.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, navigating the complex landscape of privacy and data protection requires a multidisciplinary approach. The 6th Privacy Symposium Africa seeks to provide a platform for insightful discussions and innovative solutions addressing the challenges arising in various sectors.



  • Legal frameworks and privacy: Analyzing the effectiveness of existing legal frameworks in safeguarding privacy rights amidst technological advancements.
  • Privacy litigation and enforcement: Exploring the role of courts and regulatory bodies in enforcing privacy laws and ensuring accountability.

Finance and Banking

  • Digital banking and privacy: Investigating the privacy implications of digital banking services, including mobile banking, online transactions, and digital currencies.
  • Data protection in financial institutions: Assessing data protection measures in financial institutions and the challenges of ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.


  • Privacy in insurance practices: Examining the privacy concerns related to data collection, profiling, and risk assessment in the insurance sector.
  • Regulatory compliance and privacy: Discussing the regulatory landscape governing data privacy in the insurance industry and its impact on business practices.


  • Data ethics in journalism: Evaluating ethical considerations in the collection, processing, and dissemination of news data, particularly in the context of investigative journalism.
  • Media freedom and privacy: Addressing the tensions between privacy regulations and journalistic freedom, emphasizing the importance of responsible data handling.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Privacy implications of AI: Analyzing the privacy risks associated with AI technologies, including data collection, algorithmic biases, and automated decision-making.
  • Ethical AI development: Discussing ethical guidelines and frameworks for the responsible development and deployment of AI systems while respecting user privacy.

Election Data Governance

  • Privacy and electoral processes: Assessing the privacy challenges in electoral processes, including voter registration, data analytics, and campaign targeting.
  • Election data transparency: Exploring mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability in the collection, processing, and dissemination of election related data.


  • Privacy in surveillance practices: Examining the impact of surveillance technologies on individual privacy rights and societal freedoms.
  • Regulatory frameworks for surveillance: Discussing the need for transparent and accountable surveillance laws to balance security concerns with privacy protection.

We invite researchers to submit original papers addressing these themes and offering practical insights, policy recommendations, and innovative solutions.
Submissions should highlight the unique challenges faced by African countries in these sectors and propose strategies for bridging the gap between policy, technology, and societal dynamics.
All submissions will undergo peer review, and accepted papers will be presented at the Privacy Symposium Africa 2024. Selected papers will also be considered for publication on the Privacy Symposium Africa website.


We also invite researchers from different domains and specializations to submit their study in any one area or an interdisciplinary area catering to the theme of the 6th Privacy
Symposium Africa 2024.

Send your submissions to:

Deadline for Paper Submissions: September 27th, 2024

Submission guidelines

  • Papers should be in English.
  • Regular papers should be up to 10 pages in length.
  • Short papers should be up to 6 pages in length.

Join us in Harare, Zimbabwe, for stimulating discussions, networking opportunities, and collaborative efforts towards advancing data privacy and protection in Africa.
Let us bridge the gap between policy, technology, and societal dynamics for a more privacy- conscious future.